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Topics and Sessions

Topics and Sessions

The Conference intends to be an opportunity to stimulate ideas and discussion on different topics related to the world of mineral and thermal waters. Interactions of varied viewpoints will be encouraged. Topics and sessions are addressed to broaden the participation of experts and professionals in the fields of research, industry, medicine, consulting and management. A special session will be dedicated to Italian mineral and thermal waters.

Topic 1 - Hydrogeology and geochemistry of mineral and thermal waters

Hydrogeological origin and hydrogeochemistry of mineral and thermal waters – Hydrogeological conceptual models of hydrostructures – Hydrogeochemical models for mineral water prospection - Isotope geochemistry for mineral water investigation – Water/gases/rock interactions: origin and investigation of mineral aquifers – Undesiderable natural solutes in mineral waters - Hydrogeology of mineral and thermal waters in islands and coastal areas.

Topic 2 – Protection and management of mineral and thermal waters

Protection of mineral and thermal water resources, risk assessment and quality protection policies – Protection areas of mineral and thermal waters - Exploitation and management of mineral and thermal waters – Sustainable yield of hydrothermal areas – Mathematical modelling of thermal and mineral hydrosystems - Maintenance of the quantity and quality of mineral and thermal waters - Environmental aspects of sustainable management with mineral and thermal waters - Legislation of mineral waters in the world.

Topic 3 - Bottled mineral waters

Challenges and opportunities of the bottled water sector - The original (pristine) purity of natural mineral waters – Tools and methods able to detect emerging contaminants - Mineral water brands and the health claims based on the recent EU legislation – Mineral waters as part of food, and legislation on health and nutrition - Safety of packaging: the issue of plastics (the safety of PET bottles) - Daily intake of mineral waters links with the definition of natural mineral waters, contents of natural minerals and its effect on health - The issue of medicinal effect of bottled mineral waters – Microbiological quality of natural mineral waters - Environmental sustainability of mineral water bottling – Bottled water in developing countries: advantages and disadvantages.

Topic 4 - Health issues, balneology and balneotherapy

Medical use of mineral and thermal waters in diseases of locomotor apparatus and in breathing apparatus diseases - Medical use of the sulphurous waters in skin diseases - Medical use of mineral and thermal waters in gastroenterology and dermatology diseases - Use of mineral and thermal waters in sports rehabilitation - Application of mineral and thermal waters in cosmetology – Mud therapy as a natural anti-inflammatory treatment.

Special Session: Italian Mineral and Thermal Waters, from research to sustainable management

In Italy, 322 types of mineral waters are recognized by the EU. In 2014, the production of mineral waters was of about 12 billion liters for a turnover of about 2.4 billion euros. Enterprises classified as thermal establishments are about 380. In 2012, the total revenue of the spa industry was approximately 720 million euros. Over the last five years spa tourism involved 12 to 15 million visitors per year, corresponding to approximately 4% of tourists in Italy. Despite the flourishing bottled water market and thermal tourism, the debate on sustainable management of the Italian mineral and thermal water resources among researchers, managers and policy makers does not appear to be sufficiently developed. The session is an opportunity to stimulate discussion among the different actors on these important groundwater resources via invited speaker seminars and a round table.