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Topics and Sessions

Keynote Lectures

Topic 1:
Hydrochemical review of the Italian thermal springs: from the reservoirs to their use.

Prof. Orlando Vaselli

Orlando Vaselli Orlando Vaselli is Professor in Geochemistry and Volcanology the University of Florence (Italy). He focuses his research and teaching on geochemistry, volcanology, environmental geochemistry and geothermics.
Vaselli had/has several collaborations with research institutes in these fields, such as Dept. of Geochemistry and Petrology of Budapest University (Hungary), Royal Society of London (Department of Geological Sciences, Birkbeck College, University of London), CNR-National Research Council of Italy, UNESCO.
He currently lectures at the M.S. and B.A. in Geological Sciences of the University of Florence (Italy) and at national and international schools in geochemical methods and geothermal exploration. He authored more than 200 papers published in national and international journals.

Topic 2:
Which actions and schemes to quantitatively and qualitatively protect Natural Mineral Waters?

Dr Patrick Lachassagne

Patrick Lachassagne Patrick Lachassagne is Doctor in Quantitative Hydrology and Hydrogeology from the Paris School of Mines and graduated with a Professorial Level from the Montpellier University. As "Water Resources Science and Expertise Team Leader" since 2017, he is in charge of improving the knowledge about the structure and hydrogeological functioning of mineral waters bottled worldwide by Danone Waters.
For 9 years he managed, defined and implemented Protection Policies for the Natural Mineral Water springs of the Danone Company in France (Evian, Volvic, Badoit and La Salvetat).
Patrick Lachassagne was before, for about 20 years, a researcher and the head of a Research Unit in hydrogeology at BRGM’s Water Division. He is the author of several peer reviewed scientific papers in the field of hydrogeology, dealing with complex aquifers (hard rock, volcanic, thermal and mineral aquifers).
He is Secretary of the French Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists.

Topic 3:
Natural mineral and spring waters: turning today's challenges into opportunities'

Dr Patricia Fosselard

Patricia Fosselard Patricia Fosselard is Secretary General of the European Federation of Bottled Waters (EFBW), which she has been managing since 2005 from its Brussels base. EFBW is the voice of the bottled water industry, representing more than 550 natural mineral and spring water producers in Europe. In addition, Ms. Fosselard is also a Board member of the International Council of Bottled Water Associations (ICBWA).
A qualified lawyer, Ms. Fosselard's educational background includes a degree in law and a post graduate diploma in European law. She is a member of the Brussels Bar, where she practised European and trade law for seven years. After that she joined Spadel, the leading Benelux natural mineral water producer, as in-house lawyer.

Topic 4:
The modern thermalism between tradition and innovation

Fausto Bonsignori MD

Fausto Bonsignori Degree in medicine and surgery at Pisa university . Specialization in hygiene, preventive medicine and public healt at Siena university , Specialization in medical hydrology and thermal-spa medicine at Pisa university , Master in aesthetic medicine at Parma university , National Qualification as a medical doctor in work-occupational medicine.
More than twenty years of experience as medical healt director and consultant of leading thermal-spa institutes.
Past-teatcher at the graduate school of medical hydrology of Pisa university and at postgraduate masters of Milan and Pisa university. Currently teaching at postgraduate masters of Parma and Monastir ( Tunisia ) university.
President of the commission of thalassotherapy of FEMTEC ( Wolrd federation of idrology and climatotherapy) Vice President of EAPTC ( European association of patients and user of thermal centers ) Vice President of AITI (Italian assoiciation of hydrothermal techniques).